Translation, Certification, Powers of Attorney

Official translation: 

Translation of documents is accepted by the Greek public authorities only when effected and certified either by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by a Greek lawyer.

Our firm may assist with the official translation of any type of document which is intended to be used in Greece to/ from :

– English,

– French,

– Russian,

– Greek.


Certification and Apostille:

In addition, our firm provides services in relation to the certification of documents by Greek and Consular authorities, the issuance of certified true copies and Apostille.

See here the list of countries for which Apostille stamp is required.

Note in connection to Cyprus: No further certification is required in connection with documents issued by public authorities in Cyprus in order to be used in Greece, and vice versa in relation to Greek documents to be used in Cyprus.


Powers of Attorney:

Further, we assist and advise our clients in connection with the drafting and execution of powers of attorney, either before Greek Notaries, Consular authorities or before the Greek authorities which are qualified to certify the authenticity of signatures.


Documents from public authorities:

Our firm may also assist with the research, application for and procurement of documents from Greek public authorities (such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of non- criminal record, court decisions, etc.) .