Greek Cadastre – Secure your property rights

The Greek Cadastre was established by the Greek Government as a result of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Environment jointly cooperating to create a complete and consistent real estate property database. The Greek Government aims towards fully organizing and operating the Greek Cadastre by the year 2020 on account to European Union memorandum policies.



What is the Cadastre?


Every year various territories of the Greek Country are included in the process of the Greek land registry. Currently, the Greek Cadastre is operating alongside Hypothykophylakion, which is the old public registry. In the areas where the land registry has been organized up to its final stage, every transaction, sale, purchase, mortgage etc is only registered at the Greek Cadastre.


Who has the obligation to submit a declaration to the Cadastre?


Any person or legal entity (companies, institutions, foundations, etc..) with real estate property rights of any kind (including but not limited to ownership rights, easements, mortgages, leases for more than nine years, encumbrances) is obliged to register his/her ownership rights to the Greek Cadastre by submitting the relevant statements and documentation. In the event that a property belongs to more than one person, each of the persons with a right to the property must individually register his/her right.


Once completed, each individual property will be assigned a unique 12-digit code number, the “KAEK” in reference to title ownership and location which along with the “Electronic Building ID Code” will guarantee and secure future property rights and claims.


If the property is unregistered:


– You will not be able to sell or rent your property if it is not registered.

– If you are buying, the transaction cannot take place on an unregistered property.

– You won’t be able to obtain a permit to improve your property.


What happens with real properties that are declared by no-one?


These properties are classified as belonging to an “unknown owner”.


After the cadastral survey is completed a deadline of seven (7) years (for local residents and people residing permanently abroad) is provided by law for the contestation of initial registrations generally (Law 4361/2016); this deadline also applies for the correction of a registration flagged to belong to an “unknown owner”.


Especially for regions included in the cadastral survey programs of years 1997-1999, the deadline mentioned above is fourteen (14) years for local residents and people residing abroad or people who work permanently abroad (Law 4361/2016).


It should be noted that any property which is not claimed or registered will eventually be controlled and owned by the Greek Government.


Please contact us should you require information about the registration process and deadlines in the area where your Greek property is situated, so that we may help you properly register it in order to secure your ownership rights.