Posted on : 28 Feb 2019

Withing the framework and according to the Law 2121/1993 as amended, the Hellenic Copyright Organization (OPI) has created as of 26th of February 2019 a platform for timestamping services.

The timestamping service covers the needs of all creators (regardless of the type of projects and whether they are professionals or amateurs) to demonstrate in a simple and effective way the time of a certain work. The service covers all intellectual works and other protected objects that can be submitted in the form of a digital archive, such as texts, photos, drawings, etc.

The service, uniquely identifies the file-spiritual work by associating it with the date and time at which it was submitted and is available through the special platform.

With timestamping, creators and recipients can get a certain date for their work and have a secure proof of their intellectual creation in case of judicial or other controversy. The certificate issued by OPI is a written confirmation of the data concerning both the user of the service and the timestamping act.

The certificate does not nevertheless constitute a confirmation of the existence of copyright or related rights. In order for a work to be protected it must constitute an original intellectual creation of speech, art or science, expressed in any form (Article 2 of Law 2121/1993). Whether a project fulfills the required conditions is judged by the courts.

It should be noted that until now in Greece there was no corresponding service and the usual tactics used to ensure the creators and beneficiaries rights were either more expensive, such as through the notary, or not as reliable such as sending a registered letter.


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