residence permit for students
Posted on : 29 Jan 2020


Law 4653/2020 which was published at the Official Gazette on 24/01/2020, introduced the possibility for non- EU citizens desiring to study the Greek language, to apply for a residence permit valid for up to one year.

This provision aims to cover the increased interest of citizens of non- EU countries desiring to enter and stay in Greece for a short period of time for the purpose of studying the Greek language.

Up until now, the relevant procedure was incorporated in the general provisions regarding the entrance and residence for study purposes. This had created a series of problems, due to the fact that as a general rule, the study of Greek language had to be part of a wider study program, whereas with the new provisions the study of the Greek language may be independent of any further studies in Greece .

Under the new provisions of law 4653/2020, the residence permit for study of the Greek language at a school or higher educational institute is available to persons over the age of 18 years old, provided, among other things, that:

– they  provide a certificate stating that they have been accepted to a study program requiring their physical presence in Greece (as opposed to a long distance study program) and indicating the duration of the program

– they provide proof of sufficient income to cover their living expenses during their stay in Greece, of an amount at least equal to 650 euros/ month, through bank statements and/ or bank transfers and/ or scholarship.

This type of residence permit does not provide access to any type of work in Greece, nor access to the social insurance or healthcare system in Greece and does not allow to change the type of residence permit to another type of residence permit and the applicant is required to leave Greece at the end of his/ her study program.



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