digital nomads
Posted on : 25 Aug 2021


Today, 25/08/2021, a new bill was submitted for discussion to the Greek Parliament in connection with various immigration law matters.

Among other things, the new draft law introduces in Greek Immigration Law the concept of Digital Nomads, i.e. non EU- citizens who are self- employed, freelancers or employees, who work remotely with the use of Information and Communication Technologies, with employers or clients who are located outside Greece.

Another important change which will be introduced by the draft law concerns the investments effected within the framework of Golden Visas (investor residence permits) for investors in securities and bank deposits. The new draft law provides that it will be possible:

1- For the funds to be transferred in Greece for the purposes of the investment by a non- EU citizen and the remitter to be the spouse and/ or relatives (by blood or by marriage) up to second degree of the investor.

2- For the holder of a valid residence permit issued within the framework of an investment in securities or a bank deposit to liquidate the investment in order to invest, strictly within 2 months, in another category of investment in securities or bank deposit or in real estate. In that case, the residence permit is maintained until the completion of the new investment and the issuance of a new residence permit in accordance with the new investment.

3- For the investor to invest in more than one category of investments in securities or bank deposits, and up to 3 investments totally. In that case, the minimum amount of the investment is determined based on the category of investment with the higher amount requested.



*This document does not amount to professional legal advice as it is only intended for information purposes. The above information is extracted from the draft bill, and is subject to further amendments before its finalization and voting.